To Help Ensure the health and safety of our Clients and Staff, We ask that you follow these Guidelines to assist our office during the COVID-19 social distancing.

  • Due to the continuing spread of the virus, we feel it is appropriate to step up our measures of protection for you and our staff.
  • To make your appointment go more smoothly and quickly, please fill out our pre-appointment form before your appointment.
  • Please call us from your car when you arrive.  We will ask you any questions we need to ask over the phone. Please proceed to our side entrance (there are arrows to direct you) and we will take your pet in for the exam. THERE ARE TO BE NO CUSTOMERS ENTERING THE CLINIC AT THIS TIME.
  • Your appointment will be conducted over the phone.  When the Dr. is ready, she will call you to conduct the appointment. Afterwards, you may pay over the phone (preferred) or through our side window.
  • Please order prescriptions, food, and other supplies in advance and pay over the phone, or use our online store for retail products and food.
  • On our part, we will be increasing our cleaning regime to assure the health of our Clients and Staff.

We thank you for your cooperation during this difficult time.  Together we can slow the spread and help more people stay healthy.