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Livestock Dewormer Order Request Form

Deworming for your livestock:

All of our livestock and farm pets are regularly exposed to internal parasites.  This can lead to severe symptoms like poor growth, decreased appetites, poor coat condition, and diarrhea.  The health of your farm animals affects your livelihood on a working farm, so make sure to keep your animals in good condition by deworming regularly with appropriate products.  

Cows, chickens, goats, sheep, pigs, and everything in between. Give us a call, or use the contact form and we can give you recommendations for your animals.  Do your best to have approximate weight ranges.

Remember: it is always best practice to check fecal samples for egg counts.  This will ensure we are using the correct products, and not over-medicating, which can lead to medication resistance. You don’t need a sample from everyone, just a few from each herd/flock/etc.  We can then use that information to come up with an overall plan for your livestock.

Anti-Parasitic info for your Livestock