While a thorough physical exam and getting a good history from our clients can sometimes be enough for a vet to figure out what is bothering your horse, identfying the beginings of a disease process your horse can often be challenging. We have some valuable tools that can help our veterinarians to diagnose what is wrong with your horse, which will then allow them to come up with a plan to treat your horse and give your horse the quality of life it deserves. We have an assortment of tools including a ultrasound machine, x-ray machine and an in house blood analyzer. Our portable digital  x-ray machine is a unit which allows us to take an x-ray and develop it into a computer image allowing us to adjust the image, email it to specialists, and compare it with other images. Our Ultrasound machine we use on different  species and areas of the body.  While X-rays can often only identify problems with bones, ultrasound can be used to examine soft tissues; we commonly use it to examine tendons and ligaments in your horse's leg.  Our in house blood analyzer allows us to do a variety of common blood testing procedures including checking red blood cell counts, white blood cell counts, clotting times, electrolyte levels, and various other blood chemistries.

Pre purchase exams , Lameness exams and Joint health Consultations:

Dr. Langan  can perform pre purchase exams prior to you buying a new horse. She will evaluate the animal's personality, conformation and general health and look for any areas of unsoundness.
She also has training in how to evaluate lameness in horses. There are a number of tools and tests including observation of a horse on a variety of footing and in a variety of gaits to identify the lame leg. We then can perform flexion tests, local nerve blocks, ultrasound, and xrays to determine what the problem might be. Then work with you to come up with a plan for appropriate treatment. We also have a number of products and procedures which can help with joint health including the ability to do intra-articular injections. We carry Legend' and Hy-50 ' as well as other products including Back on Track,  Recovery and various supplements

Equine Services:

We provide a wide range of services for our equine patients and are committed to first class care of our equine companions.  Our veterinarians work with you to come up with a plan to keep your horse in good health. Below is a breakdown of the services we are here to provide.

Surgical Services:

We perform routine surgeries such as castrations and caslick sutures. Our vet and assistants work as a brilliant team and patients are monitored during the entire surgical procedure as well as during their recovery. We also offer more advanced surgeries including  corrective hoof resection, cryptorchid castrations, hernia repairs and more. We have a blood analyzer in clinic so you have the option of having bloodwork done on your horse prior to surgery to check their general health and the health of their kidneys and liver. Our veterinarianand our support staff attend continuing education and we do in clinic training to ensure we are current and up to date in our procedures. All of these factors minimize the risks that may be involved with anesthesia and surgery.

Large Animal Services: Equine and Bovine

Preventative Health Care:

Our veterinarians work with you to come up with a plan to keep your horse in good health. We will review your horse's needs and risks and set up a vaccination plan to protect your horse against diseases that could seriously affect their health or their ability to compete. We can also review your pasture management and perform fecal exams to determine an appropriate deworming program. We will also go over dental care, weight management, joint health and other areas that may affect the overall health of our equine patients.

Surgical and Mobile Services:

Our veterinarian is set up to perform a variety of  surgical procedures including calvings, caesarian sections, calf umbilical surgeries, urinary tract surgeries, eye enucleations, dehorning, castrations, pregnancy checks and seman testing. We are also willing to travel to client farms to perform a variety of procedures.

Bovine Services:

We are dedicated to helping producers thrive economically through value added services and herd health training.  With open, good communication we strive to educate our clients with reliable, accurate information so they can make good decisions and provide better care for their animals. Below is a breakdown of the services we are here to provide.

Preventative Herd Health Consultations:

Dragon Lake Veterinary Hospital strives to provide top quality herd health recommendations to our cattle clients to help them have optimal herd health, success and profitability. Vaccinations are constantly being changed and improved. Part of our strategy is to review these changes to determine what products are the most scientifically sound while still being cost effective for our clients. We have changed our herd health protocols and recommendations as a result of some of the changes that have occurred in vaccines over the last few years. Our Health team also work with our bovine clients to evaluate other health concerns and management practices to help our clients have productive and profitable businesses. We have annual herd health seminars, work closely with the verified beef program and update  links  to keep our clients up to date and current with new products, disease outbreaks, nutrition and management practices.

Dental Services: 

Regular dentals play a major role in maintaining the health of your horse. Sharp tooth edges may cause sores in the mouth, leading to discomfort, training difficulties and reduced efficiency in obtaining nutrients from the feed. Timely dentals will keep your horse's mouth balanced, resulting in improved health, performance and efficiency. More serious dental issues such as tooth root infections, sinus infections and fractured teeth may also require veterinary care.