Dental Services: 

Regular dentals play a major role in maintaining the health of your Pet. More serious dental issues such as tooth root infections, sinus infections and fractured teeth may also require veterinary care.  For more information check our Dental Disease Page. 

Mobile Services:

We provide at home Euthanasia services for families who would prefer to spend their final moments with their beloved pets  in the comfort of their own home. We partner with  Boychuck Cattle Co to provide both Mass and Private Cremation services . In addition we also offer paw print impressions as a way to remember your loved ones.

Surgical Services:

We perform routine surgeries such as Spays and Neuters. Our Vet, Technicians and Assistants work as a brilliant team and patients are monitored during the entire surgical procedure as well as during their recovery. We also offer more advanced surgeries including  Lumpectomies, Exploratories, Hernia Repairs, Cesareans and more. We have a blood analyzer in clinic so you have the option of having blood work and ECG's done on your Pet prior to surgery to check their general health and the health of their kidneys, liver and heart, to name a few. Our veterinarian and our support staff attend continuing education and we do in clinic training to ensure we are current and up to date in our procedures. All of these factors minimize the risks that may be involved with anesthesia and surgery.

Preventative Health Care:

Our veterinarians work with you to come up with a plan to keep your Pet in good health. We will review your Pet's needs and risks and set up a vaccination plan to protect your dog or cat against diseases that could seriously affect their health or their quality of life. We can also perform fecal exams to determine an appropriate deworming program. We will also go over dental care, weight management, joint health and other areas that may affect the overall health of our Canine and Feline patients. Ask us about our Puppy Packs for the newest member of your family. These contain lots of good information about vaccines, dewoming, nutrition and preventative care.

Taking Care of Our Senior Patients

Dr. Langan and the team work to care for your loving companion, from the day they are born to the day they can no longer be with us. As our loved ones age their mobility becomes more of an issue. We can offer tips and treatments to help your pet live comfortably through their senior years. We can start with a mobility consultation, which will include one-on-one time with our veterinarian to ask any questions and to get guidance on where we can start and what we need to do to help your pet. Your pet will also get a complete physical exam. We can offer different treatment options depending on the severity of mobility. We can also offer in-house diagnostics, which include preforming digital X-Rays that  allow us to view your pets bone structure for any  abnormalities. We can also preform blood work as well to check your pet's organs. This will tell the veterinarian the status of your pets  liver function, for example  is their liver capable of handling your pet being on an anti-inflammatory? If not then we will need have a different form of pain management.


While a thorough physical exam and getting a good history from our clients can sometimes be enough for a vet to figure out what is bothering your pet; identifying the beginnings of a disease process in your dog or cat can often be challenging. We have some valuable tools that can help our veterinarians to diagnose what is wrong with your pet, which will then allow them to come up with a plan to treat your pet and give the quality of life they deserve. We have an assortment of tools including a ultrasound machine, x-ray machine and an in-house blood analyzer.  Our Ultrasound machine we use on different species of animals and areas of the body.  X-rays are what we use to diagnose any issues with bone structure but they can also be useful in checking internal organs as well. However, sometimes we need to use an ultrasound to further investigate soft tissues; we commonly use it to examine liver, heart, kidneys, bladder and gastrointestinal tract.  Our in house blood analyzer allows us to do a variety of common blood testing procedures including checking red blood cell counts, white blood cell counts, clotting times, electrolyte levels, and various other blood chemistries which give us a good picture of how your pet's internal organs are functioning.

Small Animal Services:

We provide a wide range of services for our Canine and Feline patients and are committed to first class care of our companions.  Our veterinarians work with you to come up with a plan to keep your pet in good health. Below is a breakdown of the services we are here to provide.

Small Animal Services