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Stay home on your couch with your dog


This is especially great news for our farmers who may find it difficult to leave the farm, even under normal circumstances!  We are really excited about the possibilities this opens up for us to help our clients properly manage their herd health.  Even if your cell reception  or internet is not great, we will still likely be able to help you if you can get pictures and/or video to us. There are lots of options for communication right now.

Due to current circumstances of isolation and social distancing, Dragon Lake Vet Hospital is continuing to help out our customers and their pets by offering appointments through telemedicine.

This could mean you and your pet are able to stay safe at home, and Dr. Langan and staff will conduct a consult over the phone or video conference, and you can send additional videos or photos in for assessment. We are very happy to be able to offer this to help people out during this difficult time.  We want people to have the ability to stay home and be safe, when a pet gets sick that can be very difficult.  We have already been able to help people out in the past couple of weeks using this method.

This could be the first step in revolutionizing how the medical field operates

You may call us to book your appointment, or  contact us onlineWe also can accept credit cards over the phone, so you do not have to worry about owing a bill.  If you are new to our veterinary clinic you may also pass along your info via our New Client Form

Thank you so much to all of our clients both new and ongoing for your continued support.

Dr. Ginger Langan is hard at work conducting phone appointments for patients

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